Silent Army Represents: Hosier Lane

Wednesday, November 27, 2002 - Sunday, February 9, 2003


...behind the enemy lines. 
Its calm, real calm. 
Bridges blown?  We blew them years back. 
Latrines mined? The shitters are ready to pop.
Acid in the water supply? Natch.
Aerial drop of propaganda and chocolates? Tied to bricks.
Run DMCs "Walk This Way" played from helicopter gunships ? Dun and dun. czzk...over n out.....  

SILENT ARMY is an ever expanding movement of artists dedicated to the exploration and promotion of human endeavour through the comic book form. 
THE SILENT ARMY INFIRMARY COLLECTION VOL.1, is now available and contains twenty new illustrated stories. SILENT ARMY appear each month in THE PAPER (free indie news and opinion) until JULY 2003.

THE BRADDOCK COALITION were formed in 1996 and are a small press comic book collective responsible for, most notably, the PURE EVIL anthologies. The latest issue, volume four number six, contains 120 pages of varied styles and concepts with 23 artists of antipodean retreat, and is now being distributed internationally. 

PURE EVIL issue 6 is currently available in Melbourne at most independant record and book stores. 

SILENT ARMY will operate an On Site Small Press Outlet at Citylights Centre Place every saturday : 11-3pm, throughout December and January, with many limited edition reprints and new releases available from stalls operated by Silent Army artists and an ongoing live "comic wall" throughout the 8 saturdays, the first one being 30th Nov. 2002.




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